1. To know your weaknesses are your greatest strengths, and to accept them.

2. Help others without the need for personal gain.

3. Work hard to plant partnership seeds and you will see them grow over night.

4. Focus not on the money but how you serve the customer.

5. In sales, be excited and embrace the word NO, every no gets you closer to a yes!

6. Entrepreneurs go through many ups and downs, when you learn how to deal with these situations, that is when you truly become successful.

7. When you find yourself having a moment of lost thought at the computer, find something else to do for the moment and it will come back to you.

8. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Once you have completed this step, do NOT let anybody or anything tell you different.

9. If you gain loyal partners that are ethical and hardworking keep those relationships intact and give the same in return.